Why to choose OdontoSoft Millennium?

Hundreds of dentists and dental clinics use OdontoSoft Millennium as an indispensable clinical and commercial management software. NEW SERVER

Although OdontoSoft is a dental program with no technical problems, our team of high skilled professionals will answer your questions within the same day and, most of the times, within one hour.

We look the excellence in the solution of your problems. So many years of experience and so many users enable us to know what you need.

Constantly renewed benefits and features are added and the current ones are optimized, according to the conditions that daily dental practice imposes. You will take advantage of ideas and requirements from other dentists who use OdontoSoft Millennium every day.

We have 16 years of experience in Computer for Dentistry.
We are committed to being known for the seriousness, responsibility and efficiency of our work.

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Dental Practice Managment Software

The ultimate and definitive solution for every dental practice: from a single dentist's office up to big dental clinics.

Don't get left behind and Lead !

OdontoSoft Millennium! is a new generation dental practice management software that allows to have a full control of a dental clinic or office, both in the medical and in the commercial and administrative areas, and it enhances the dentit's image and prestige.

Flexible and Adaptable: 

It can be used in many different ways to work within the Dentistry, including the different tooth numbering systems.

Unlimited number of dentists:

If several doctors share the dental office, all OdontoSoft Millennium features –Appointment Book, Medical Records, Dental Charts, Payments, etc—can be used as an independent dental practice program for each dentist. 

Very easy to use:

No computer knowledge is required, anyway, we offer quick and permanent technical support.

Boost your earnings

Reliable, Efficient, Complete, Safe

If you've never worked with a Dental Software:
Decide now! 16 years of experience in Software for Dentistry and hundreds of satisfied users guarantee that this investment will be quickly recovered.

If you've already used other dental program but it didn't work:
Life is giving you a second chance. If your old program was difficult to use, it did not adapt to your needs or, even worse, it lost your valuable information, OdontoSoft Millennium will give you the necessary tranquility to dedicate your time only to take care of your patients.

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