Very Easy to Use (As Easy as 123)

We know that a dentist or assistant does not necessarily have some computer knowledge, so we have developed an intuitive and easy to use software.

Basic Schema

1. Enter the completed procedure or treatment

 Enter the completed procedure or treatment (or pending treatment) in any of these ways:

2. View the Patient Information

In the patient's Clinical History and Ledger as in any related report, the entered treatment will appear, including its fees and other details.

From now on, in any of the program's reports, this treatment will appear, modifying if needed, the patient's balance and general totals.

3. Payments

 When entering a payment, the procedure is similar, i.e. patient's balances and financial reports will be updated.

To sum up, you just enter the transactions in a quick manner and OdontoSoft Millennium! will do the rest !!!!

How is the Support?
When you buy OdontoSoft, a technical support representative is assigned to you, who will keep a record of questions or any problems.
In this way, you always will have help, no matter where you are.

Our experience indicates that users needs from 1 day to 1 week to learn how to use the whole program.

How long will it take to learn it?
OdontoSoft is a program with many features and benefits. You will discover every day new features that will surprise you.

Each of the functions are simple and intuitive to use, although you will learn first those most commonly used.

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