Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it difficult to install the software?
Software installation is very simple and computer knowledge is not required. Simply download the program and install it exactly like the demo.

Do I need an Internet connection?
An Internet connection is not necessary to use OdontoSoft Millennium.

An Internet connection will be needed only if you purchase the web based optional module, and only when you wish to upload data (you won’t even need a broad band connection). You may get this optional module in the future, not necessarily with the initial purchase of OdontoSoft.

How long does the software program take to arrive at its destination?
We will send you the download instructions within 2 business days after receiving the payment.

Can I buy a single-user license now and then upgrade to the multi-user license?
Sure. If you buy the single-user now and later you change to multi-user,

1. updating is very simple; you just have to run a program that we will send you through e-mail.
2. you do not lose the previous data.
3. you will only pay USD 500 extra from one version to the other (version up to 5 computers)

In what languages is the program available?
In Spanish and English. The published prices correspond to the version in English. If you are interested in the Spanish version, enter here.

How can I purchase if there are no distributors in my country?
You will be able to buy OdontoSoft Millennium directly through GB Systems. Simply complete the purchase confirmation form and we will guide you straightaway.

What technical support will I get after purchase of the program?
OdontoSoft is a very reliable software, very easy to install and operate, so our users do not generally need any type of technical support, other than some questions regarding the way to use some of its functions.

Anyway, our post-sale support is TOTAL. Queries are answered in 1 hour after being received by e-mail (in some cases this may vary depending on the time it was sent). We offer support by chat or remote assistance if necessary.

Are upgrades free?
Basically, upgrades that include improvements in the existing functions are free and those that include new functions are at very low prices so that all the users can get the latest version of the program.

I don't trust Internet purchase too much... Who can guarantee that after the corresponding payment I will be sent the program?
Frauds exists inside and outside the Internet, both on the part of the buyer as on the part of the seller.

GB Systems is a serious international company that has been operating in the Internet since 1995.

You will keep your proof of payment, regardless of your payment choice.

Even though we do not provide data about our clients, there is surely some colleague of yours that uses OdontoSoft and who will be willing to inform you about our seriousness and working procedures.

For more information, please send us an e-mail.


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