Software features


A complete set of accounting, management and clinical reports to have a full control of every area of your dental office.

  1. Conditions

  2. Completed Treatments (without including fees)

  3. Completed Treatments (including fees)

  4. Pending Treatments

  5. Completed Treatments Stats

  6. Insurance Treatments Detail

  7. Patients according their Last Visit

  8. Patients according their Next Visit

  9. Expenses and Payments Sent

  10. Documents issued

  11. Received Payments (from Insurance and from Patients)

  12. Patients Balances

  13. Purchases

  14. Purchases with Pending Payment

  15. Products Stock

  16. Products required for each treatment

  17. Schedule to use products, according to treatments plans

  18. Schedule to use products and Products to Buy

  19. Laboratory work orders details

  20. Assigned appointments, indicating if the patient attended or not.

  21. Doctor's wages

  22. Accounts receivable, according to Completed Treatments or Treatments Plans

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